Friday, July 30, 2010

Almost there

We are almost to the end of the pregnancy, about 2.5 weeks left. Baby Mark is growing faster than ever and he is a pudge pot. He is a very mellow baby, though. This pregnancy has gone by so fast, and it was a challenge. For months I dealt with pulled rib muscles which was extremely painful. Finally, that resolved itself and I've been feeling great, with the exception of swelling and lots of contractions. We are all very excited for the big day to arrive.

The kids are doing great...Allie is down to every 2 months at the dr. I have to take her and Angelina for blood work this coming Monday, and of course Angelina is worried about it. It really is not a big deal, but it is for her.

I took the kids to the dentist last week. Matt had a small cavity which was filled today, and Krista has some cavities but I have to take her to a pediatric dentist to have them fixed. The rest of the girls have no cavities...YAY!

Michelle moved to Barnegat a while ago. It was hard, knowing she wasn't around the corner, but I think we've all adjusted well to the move. I miss her of course, but at least I know she's happy and healthy where she's at. Her house was so infested with mold, it was making all of them so sick and tired, literally. I'm glad they are out of that situation.

That's about all for today. I know I'm a terrible blogger and I hope to keep up more often. Until next time...PEACE

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It's a......

Boy!!! I had my ultrasound yesterday and we found out it's a boy! We are so thrilled it's not even funny. The kids are ecstatic that they will have a baby brother. Bob is so happy it's not even real. The baby is healthy, growing like he should. I have some 3d pictures and he looks like the rest of them LOLOLOL.

No other news. I've been feeling really well. I still have laryngitis...hopefully that will resolve soon. Not being able to talk well is really getting to me. You know, I'm a talker LOL. I'm 20 weeks pregnant and I'm really growing. The baby is really mellow...I don't feel him move all that much, but when he does, oh boy is it unreal.

The kids are all doing well. Anna might be retained and have to repeat 3rd grade. She is struggling so much. My heart aches but we need to do what's best for her and what we need to do to make sure she is successful in school. I don't want her to hate school, which she doesn't thank goodness, but still. Her self esteem in the classroom is dropping according to the teacher. Hopefully we can get just get her tested and get the help that she needs.

That's about all on this end. Not much else going on. Spring is finally here. We are going to reach 83 degrees's already really warm. I'm lovin' it!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

My crazy life

Another snow day. The kids are delighted (well, not at the moment as they are stuck in their room cleaning it), but at this rate, they'll be in school until the summer. I don't know about our district, but other districts around us have cut into the kids' spring break and they have to go to school until the end of june. Around here, they just don't figure snow days into the school calendar.

It's a little over a week into lent. I must say, I feel closer to Jesus now more than ever. I have this little black book for lent filled with meditations and that surely helps. I look at my suffering in new way, it's so hard to explain.

I've been keeping my fingers busy knitting again. I just finished a top for Allie the other day and a top for Krista this morning. I'm going to cast on for a hat for Allie in brown yarn that will match her coat. She can't wait for me to do it.

The kids have been fighting like mad this morning. Krista is playing "Swiper" and swiping Allie's things and not telling her where she puts her stuff. It's totally frustrating...but the stuff will be found. I told the girls, they'll be amazed at what they find when they clean their room.

Bob is doing good. He was amazing yesterday as he went to the foodstore to get me soup I've been "craving". Cheddar cheese soup to be exact. It was soooo good, but gave me heartburn later on last night.

I'm feeling really well. I had an ultrasound a week and a half ago and baby was lying with its hands behind its head. It was the cutest. He gave me a 3D picture and I'm just so amazed at how we could see every facial feature, everything. I'm more amazed every time. I go in 4 weeks for another u/s and hopefully we'll find out what we are having. I'm starting to feel more movement as well. It's awesome!

That's it for now...I'll post more another time.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crazy Snow

We've had totally crazy snow this year...a couple of blizzards and some light snowfall. We are still waiting for it to melt, but in the meantime, the kids are loving it. They have taken the boogie boards, made some hills and "sled". The neighbor also gave us a small snowboard that the kids are just loving. Here are some pictures of them doing their thing.

Not much else is going on...they kids have all been healthy. Allie had to go into the hospital a month or so ago, but other than that, things have been great. I've been feeling much better once the first trimester ended. It's nice being out of bed and doing stuff.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Pregnancy is hard

Pregnancy is juts so hard in the beginning. I'm just so nauseous, especially after I eat, and I end up vomiting. I was feeling good, and then at about the 2 week mark after stopping my meds, this kicked in. The same thing happened when I was pregnant with Krista....only this time, I'm praying I'm not sick the entire time. I'd like to enjoy a pregnancy for a change. They have all been so hard, but my labors and deliveries (except for my last 2--csections) have been super easy.

It is just so cold out. The wind is just chilling me to the bone and I can't warm up. It's so matter how many layers or blankets I have on, I'm still freezing. Yep, not having a great day.

The kids are good...they go back to school on monday. Everyone is happy all the way around for that. They get bored so easily, although they had a blast playing WII the past couple of days. They go through spurts like that...they won't touch it for months, and then BAM, they fight over it.

Tomorrow we go to Sears for a huge family portrait for my mom and and my 3 brothers with our families. It was supposed to be for christmas, but our original appt was the weekend of the blizzard. Sears actually called us to reschedule LOL.

That's about all now...I'm going to try and knit a little bit more before going to bed.