Sunday, July 15, 2007

Yet, more pics

Here are some more :) Krista modeling her new diaper covers :)

More pictures

Here are some more pictures from the new camera :)

New Camera

Bob got me a new digital camera for my birthday from the kids. Our sony was going on 9 years old and was only 2.1 didn't take great pictures, but it did the job. Anyway, the new camera is a Nikon cool pix, 6 megapixels and is very compact. I love it! The pictures are just so clear and fantastic, and the videos I can take with the camera...WOW!

So, here are some pictures of the family that we took with the wonderful new camera.

Redondo Twirly Skirts

I can finally sew with a pattern! Tia bought me the pattern for the Redondo skirt, which is a super twirly girly skirt. I've been admiring the ones the other mamas have made and I knew my girls would love them! It took me about a month before getting the courage to trace, cut and sew.

I made Alaina hers first. I used a butterly fabric with a coordinating flower fabric. I just sewed this one...but Anna's and Angelina's were serged together, which gives it a more professional look, and it doesn't fall apart at the seams :) Enjoy the pics!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Matt received an award

All the kids are promoted to the next grade. Matt had an end of the year party as well as an awards ceremony a couple of days before the last day of school. We are so proud of him. He did so well in 2nd grade is really excited about going into 3rd grade. Here are some pictures of Matt and his award and him with his best friend Eddie :)

Krista's New outfit

I've found a new I need another one, but it just blends in with what I already love to do. I've discovered the art of dying yarn. It's so much fun seeing the colors I can create. I start out with either white or natural color wool and just use food coloring to dye it. The process is pretty easy too.

So, I dyed some yarn in the middle of last week. It came out beautiful bright shades of pink, orange and yellow, perfect for the summer. I also dyed a smaller coordinate skein in the pink that's in the yarn. Well, I was hanging out laundry and got to a shirt we picked up for Krista at a garage sale last weekend and discovered the yarn I just dyed would match perfectly!!! So, I knit her up a skirtie to wear over her cloth fitted diapers (diapers that need a cover). There is a panty style soaker under the skirt. It came out adorable. Here are some pics of the yarn cooking, yarn with the shirt and her wearing the outfit.

I also wanted to mention that everyone's first thought is "wool is just so hot". Actually, wool that's been handknit with breathes and is not hot at all. It's super absorbant and is not heavy like the wool sweaters that people automatically think of. Enjoy the pictures :)

Time is flying

Krista is 7 months old already! I can't believe how fast the time is flying by. Within the past week, she started crawling (regular crawling instead of the "commando army crawl"), pulling herself up to standing and she's coasting on the furniture a little bit. She's also enjoying different foods. She loves her veggies and fruit, I gave her some of our peas and carrots one night and she LOVED them. She also had yogurt yesterday and couldn't get enough.

The kids are enjoying their summer vacation. At night, we try to get to the river beach with my girlfriend and her kids. They all have so much fun playing together!! Here are some pictures :) Krista's 7 mos pics, Anna on the last day of school and Matt & Nina on field day.