Saturday, January 02, 2010

Pregnancy is hard

Pregnancy is juts so hard in the beginning. I'm just so nauseous, especially after I eat, and I end up vomiting. I was feeling good, and then at about the 2 week mark after stopping my meds, this kicked in. The same thing happened when I was pregnant with Krista....only this time, I'm praying I'm not sick the entire time. I'd like to enjoy a pregnancy for a change. They have all been so hard, but my labors and deliveries (except for my last 2--csections) have been super easy.

It is just so cold out. The wind is just chilling me to the bone and I can't warm up. It's so matter how many layers or blankets I have on, I'm still freezing. Yep, not having a great day.

The kids are good...they go back to school on monday. Everyone is happy all the way around for that. They get bored so easily, although they had a blast playing WII the past couple of days. They go through spurts like that...they won't touch it for months, and then BAM, they fight over it.

Tomorrow we go to Sears for a huge family portrait for my mom and and my 3 brothers with our families. It was supposed to be for christmas, but our original appt was the weekend of the blizzard. Sears actually called us to reschedule LOL.

That's about all now...I'm going to try and knit a little bit more before going to bed.