Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beautiful days!

We had such a beautiful day yesterday, and it's going to be wonderful today and even warmer tomorrow! YAY! The kids are thrilled because they get to be outside without bulky coats LOL. Bob had them out yesterday, so I was able to do a good mostly thorough clean of the house yesterday. Some things I didn't get to, but the decluttering was amazing! I got rid of so much!

Krista is getting so big...she rolls and scoots all over the place now. I'm sure the kids are tired of me saying "Get that little stuff off the floor". Angelina had a skit on Friday in her class, on Dr. Seuss's "The Lorax" for Earth Day. They sang "What a Wonderful World" by Louie Armstrong, and than at the end, her teacher showed a slideshow of pictures of the children she took, and played the Hawaiin version of the song. To hear it, here's the link:

Get your tissues out, as it's a real tear jerker LOL. She did wonderfully though. We are working with Matt on being neater with his school work. Other than being messy and rushing through, he's doing great!

Anna is doing great in school too. SHE CAN READ!!! We are so proud of her :) Allie is really excited about Kindergarten. I'm going to request the teacher Anna has, so I have to write that letter this week. Alaina is just growing! She's getting so tall, and just loves to draw. She drew a picture of a whale the other day, and it looked just like one!

Here are some pics of the kids :)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Goofy children--Spring Break Has Begun

Spring break is now upon us. We had a wonderful Easter. The children were perfect angels in church for Easter Mass. We sat in the "big church" (I finally evicted daddy from the quiet room) and the kids were perfect. We sat in the front pew and they really did "WOW" us :)

Afterwards, we came home and they played for a while. Than we met my parents, brother, sil and the kids, my aunt and cousin for brunch. It was so yummy, and boy what a spread. Again, the children were fabulous! They ate most of what they were given and sat patiently until it was time to go. They weren't ancy and just loved being out in their "fancy" dresses.

So, here we are, Monday, our 2nd day of spring break. They were generally good today, just going nuts in the house. It was a bit chilly to take the baby to the park as she is just getting over bronchitis. Maybe tomorrow. Anyway, here are some silly pictures from today.

Krista trying to reach for a bag of bread/goodies from Uncle Mark...and than "kissing" a banana. The girls were eating a push up pop that daddy bought them. Lastly, a shot of Krista not very happy. Enjoy!


I finally finished the shorties I started the other day that I'll be selling as soon as I get my wool wash. I got some yarn friday so I can knit some of these babies up to sell. I nailed the kitchener stitch (which is a way of closing up the gusset without any bumps). I'm putting this in a post of it's own because my next one will be about the kiddos LOL

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Knit Skirtie

I finished the skirtie for Krista last week. I can't believe I didn't post pictures of the final product! It came out so cute and looks wonderful on her. The wool is just so soft and not scratchy at all. A few posts down is a picture of her in the shorts portion...I just then picked up the stitches and knit the skirt. She is also rolling all over the place now. I'll put her on the floor on her back and she flips right over like a pancake LOL. The first picture is of her in the skirtie, the 2nd was snapped a moment after the first. She doesn't stay put for long!

Super busy knitting

I have been so busy knitting it's not even funny. Sewing and knitting take up lots of my free time, but I need both to help me unwind. I just finished this knit tank top for the site. Anna is my model, but it will fit better for a size 4. I dyed the yarn myself and I think it came out great! I also made some velour/flannel washcloths/babywipes and they came out beautifully. I'll get pictures of those later today. Oh, and I finally got a picture of Krista smiling. Whenever we pull out the camera, she just studies it and looks so serious.

The kids are doing wonderful. They start their spring break tomorrow and are excited for Easter. I still need to get things for their baskets...nothing like waiting for the last minute LOL. I'll post more later on...have lots to do yet LOL.